Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is a stable yet strong shot gun approach that needs to me micro-managed. Consumers need to visually see and hear about your company name and services more than once to be considered “brand marketing”, otherwise your return on investment will be in the negative and would be almost impossible to gauge.

Often people in charge of marketing get too tied up with the fact complicated logos and drawn out marketing statements.

Your logo should be recognizable and be easy to remember. Your statement about the product should be poetic and there should be additional wording about how your service or product will better people’s lives and that’s it! Now this needs to be heard and seen more than once by each person you are marketing to. This is where Interwoven Marketing can help!

10 years ago you would have needed to run radio ads, newspaper offers and TV commercials. All those old portals were being channeled toward consumers that are not necessarily looking for what you have to offer. The internet has changed that dramatically. With PPC and SEO your marketing is geared toward consumers that are typing in search terms that match your service. To take it a step further, contextual follow marketing allows you to display your ads again and again to those same initial consumers that visited your website. Never before has there been such an effective type of brand marketing platform.

Now if we take your logo and apply it to your website, banner ads, mailers, opt-in email newsletters, video SEO results and Google news publications, your company will pretty much be unstoppable!