Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization runs hand in hand with proper search engine optimization. You wouldn’t be able to drive organic traffic to your individual web pages unless the on-page content and calls to action weren’t already discovered, verified and ranked in organic search results.

No two businesses have the same needs when it comes to conversion optimization.

Interwoven Marketing uses real time heat map behavior based analytical data as the foundation and reasoning for the web development updates and changes to our client’s web pages. It is imperative to track each and every hit to the website and compare those visits prior and after those changes to the “calls to action” through A,B testing. The fundamentals of “priming” still used in the advertising industry haven’t changed, in fact; they actually carry even more relevancy in today’s digital media market place. Web pages have an average of three seconds to send the right message to the web visitor that first searched, then clicked on your web page. It starts at the search engine optimization, which leads to the match of the search to the web page title, then finally moves to the unique quality of the content in the description of the page, which is shown only in the search result. When, and only when, those three major issues have been addressed and accomplished does the conversion rate begin to become manageable.
There is ample content available on website conversions all over the internet, however, most of this derives from erroneous so called experts, bloggers, and the unsuccessful unemployed advertising and financial workforce who leverage off WordPress type websites to draw traffic to their websites. Don’t be fooled or take to heart the advise or expertise of internet authors that participate in a pyramid sales scheme type business model.
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