Google News Inclusion

News Inclusion

Being included in Google News fees presents a substantial opportunity for consistent large relevant traffic to your website however, just not any news will do.
Interwoven Marketing will consult or develop on the necessary value or news source to be accepted into Google’s news index, but it doesn’t stop there.

In order to compete with the major online media outlets your stories must be titled and optimized for the correct keywords matching consumer’s searchers. To do this many editors must submit their stories to their in-house SEO quality control department who then optimize the story to compete with the major players in your industry. That’s where we come in. Interwoven Marketing will work with and give you the tools to make sure your editor’s content is effective prior to submission.The ability to generate a proper sitemap and robots.txt file is extremely important. We can develop a dynamic php file which will default the correct content for an all inclusive automatic news feed SEO Powerhouse.