Google E-commerce Shopping Inclusion

If your core product is sold online and you are not in Google’s shopping index, you are missing between 50 to 85% of your achievable sales. Furthermore, 3rd party ecommerce portals can also be optimized within their own data base for your product, Google Shopping and regular Google organic Search results.
For example, if you are selling Oakley Sunglasses we would first create a proper optimized xml sitemap to be included in Google’s news index. We would then take that same information and submit it to Amazon. Amazon itself gives us three ecommerce SEO avenues to optimize for at once.
1. Google Shopping- As you can see Google will display Amazon products within it’s Google shopping feed on its first page of search results.
2. Properly titled and content optimized products are for sales within
3. Google Organic Search- Here is something that truly seperates us from the rest. What 99% of marketing firms don’t understand is that Amazon listings can be manually formatted to be optimized individually for organic search results just like a webpage.

Taking one of your products and spending this much time perfecting its visibility is a minute example of what’s possible by working with us and is indicative of the talent we have.