Google TV Advertising

Google TV ads truly cut out the middle man and for the first time allow the businesses to test their product and reach their ideal audience across more than 100 TV networks, including ESPN, TNT and CNN in all parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Many factors play into successful TV ads including producing a TV quality commercial that can deliver results the first time. These ads can be ran as little as once and you bid on your per viewing fee much like online advertising. From production to air time, we can guide you the entire way through the steps to bring your company out of the office and in front of millions of people.

Uploading your commercial to Interwoven Marketings control panel lets you or us run ads at certain times of the day in designated areas on specific channels to gather enough data and determine where your best return on investment is. Many companies were not successful until they got in front of the right consumers who saw a TV ad in their living room. Your marketing budget should contain a certain percentage of dollars set aside to test new markets; TV is one of those markets.