Insurance Internet Marketing

Your Insurance Brokerage needs the phone to ring. It needs a constant and consistent supply of new leads in order to write new policies every month. Those leads can be coming directly off the internet to you based on the exact coverage’s you offer. 80% of website conversions come from an organic keyword search.

Your competition is already ranking for the terms your website can rank for. We can determine those keyword and traffic opportunities. After tuning up the code and on-site link structure, Interwoven Marketing will begin a Search Engine Optimization Campaign that will get your site ranking quickly.

Many Insurance agents that have been in the business for over 15 years believe the draw down in business is due to them not understanding how to market on Facebook and Twitter, this simply isn't true. The insurance industry needs to understand that the general population of social media users does not want to follow their insurance agent however; there are places that offer opportunity to the insurance sector for potential consumers who need a new policy. Niche keywords are extremely important when optimizing an insurance website, meaning there is no return on investment for trying to optimize for the keyword “liability insurance”, but optimizing for “liability insurance for restaurants” will bring in a return on investment because there is less competition and more targeted searches.