Internet Display Advertising

Display or banner advertising offers many opportunities to deliver your offer to consumers on other websites. Some of these are NY Times, ESPN, Drudge Report and other highly trafficked websites. Usually on the higher trafficked websites, you are charged per 100k impressions and you hope those web visitors will click on your banner which takes them to your website. So if you’re not being charged per click then the offer you are displaying has to be catchy and effective.

Interwoven Marketing doesn’t do any work on our client’s campaigns until we have done an exhaustive and comprehensive competitive analysis to determine the opportunities in the market place. You can be rest assured that when we present you with a custom marketing campaign, it has been built to perform better than your competitions.

Another opportunity that is built into the display advertising is follow or contextual marketing. This is technology that allows you the marketing client to advertise your ad several times to the same individual web user even on different websites.