Online College Marketing

Internet marketing to potential students for enrollment into school is one of the most competitive markets in the U.S. Consumers that aren’t even considering school are bombarded with tech, trade and online degree programs on TV, radio and internet banner ads. Gauging your return on investment in the online marketing space is what sets Interwoven Marketing apart from other agencies.

A targeted marketing campaign aimed at exactly the correct audience is extremely important. The current internet traffic in regards to search terms of your potential customers is already available to you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis no matter what websites they are going to.

Tracking your every lead and tying that lead back to the keyword you have been trying to optimize for seems like a daunting task, not for us. We provide a crystal clear transparent report that breaks down every dollar spent on marketing to determine where those dollars are best spent going forward.

Millions of dollars are given to Google Adwords every month by your competitors to expose their text and banner ads to internet searchers. Do they have anyone in-house creative enough to get their news indexed in the Google News Feed 5 minutes after publishing a story? How about taking the commercials or videos you have and getting them indexed into the first page of Googles search result and driving that traffic back your website?

If you are serious about getting an edge on your competition and gaining a serious foothold in the search engines, contact us for a comprehensive report for your school.