SEO scrutney is becoming more and more important, with new challenges like smartphones and tablets as well as cloud storage, an everincreasing array of product feeds to manage and new tools to monitor not to mention and ever more devious malware. Unfortunately, product teams and marketing budgets are not growing at the same rate—something has to give.

At Interwoven Marketing, we think it’s time for a different approach to the marketing business. We call it total marketing, without complexity. Our vision is to give customers:

  • A clear cut plan of attack for your organization.
  • Better together: Internet Analytics (including mobile) + Video + Paid Campaign Mangement working together to serve you better
  • A single pane of glass. A unified view of your marketing campaign so you can quickly see when there is an opportunity and can easily adjust to it.
  • Comprehensive Consulting. A firm that lets you trains and consults your company to achieve the most traffic available.
  • Active Participation. We always answer the phone, that is if we don't call you first.
  • Less complexity—simple to deploy and manage, removes the challenges of multiple point products
  • Support from experts—one firm partner + one vendor who you can call for all your marketing needs backed by experts who understand and track the data.