Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click management is very similar to financial management. Being able to look and technical analysis and apply financial style variables to that data is very important. For instance if the keyword “mortgages” was delivering a higher cost per conversion at number three, then the bid price needs to be lowered thus lowering its position in the ad space causing the cpc to lower. Also each keyword should be tied to at least 3 custom ads to determine the best ad performance for that keyword. In this scenario the keyword “mortgages” also needs to be compared to “home loans “to see the difference in actual traffic and ad spend.

Paying for ad space is one segment of paid internet marketing. Banner ads, internet TV commercials are also effective ways of generating business. At Interwoven Marketing we specialize in bringing qualified traffic to your business and in the beginning of a marketing campaign paying for ad space is sometimes the best approach for instant sales. But because organic internet ranking brings in close to 80% of all conversions, the long term plan should focus on organic results and because those clicks are ultimately free.