Quantitative Tracking

The study of human behavior and the way it relates to the content, website, or product you have in the search engines is the most important aspect of choosing your internet marketing campaign and functionality of your company website. It's very easy to get analytics and convey that into readable data, but being able to make changes based on that data correctly and track the results is a totally different and custom process.

Having a streamlined system internally that talk to IT, Marketing and Management will give you a edge on the competition in the variable of time.

No piece of software can tell you the correct changes that need to take effect to optimize your conversions from the search engines. Most of the data that is relevant in this type scenario is your on- page optimization, meaning your user friendly tools. The company that you subscribe to for your online video enhancement isn't going to tell you that your bounce rate has increased 80% since you have signed up for their services.

Don't be afraid to change your website often. If your conversion rate is low with a high bounce rate, then your SEO dollars and internet marketing efforts are being thrown away. Most websites don't change their images, tools or content because they are afraid it will take Google too long to reflect those changes, or they are bogged down on CMS policies and they don't have a fluid system to make quick effective changes.