Video Production

As the internet continues to become the most dynamic and far reaching form of new media SEO video becomes more and more important. Many experts agree that within the next ten years television and the internet will have merged into a new more interactive medium where data and video are tied together. Google's purchase of the popular video sharing website for $1.6 Billion is a harbinger of things to come. This website alone receives more daily visits than MTV's audience and has created many internet celebrities in its own right.

Now more than ever SEO videos (properly search engine optimized videos) are crucial to online success. SEO videos can serve many purposes.

  • SEO videos can help create brand awareness, familarizing the online public with your logo, jingle and services.
  • SEO videos can display your company's products, services or facilities in a positive light for prospective clients.
  • SEO videos can entertain your website visitors giving them a reason to return to the page where the SEO video is posted or even recommend it to several of their friends.
  • SEO videos posted on various video sharing websites can refer traffic to your website by simply including your website address at the bottom right hand corner of the video, or including a text link to your site in the profile of the page where the SEO video is posted.
  • SEO videos can spice up an otherwise dull pay per click campaign

How much would it cost you to create a television commercial for your company? Once completed how much would it then cost you to buy a spot on cable television or even broadcast television? With SEO videos you can reach an enormous audience while at the same time keeping your commercial production costs extremely low. SEO videos can be created for much less money than standard television commercials. SEO videos should always be brief. Online it is very easy for your viewers to stop watching your SEO videos and visit another more captivating website. So, it is very important to stay focused on a few main objectives.

Well made SEO videos that entertain and attract an audience are likely to be passed on by those who enjoy them. When SEO videos are passed on multiple times the amount of people exposed to the original content can grow at an exponential rate. This is called Viral Video Marketing and it is a very effective low cost method for spreading information to a large number of people.

Encouraging people to download your SEO videos to their video ipod is another way to get the most out of your SEO videos. A growing numbe of people own video ipods and these devices allow people to make your message portable. With your SEO videos loaded on their ipod viewers can take it with them to the gym, on vacation or any other place where computer access might not usually be available. Well made SEO videos can become conversation pieces offline just as easily as online.

RSS feeds are a new technology that allow your audience to subscribe to your SEO videos. Each time you upload new SEO videos your subscribers are sent an email alert which increases the chance that they will make a return visit to your website.'s pay per click service Adwords allows paying website owners to display brief SEO videos as advertisements on various websites where visitors are searching for relevant terms. A well made SEO video on adwords can easily push your company past the competition, winning over valuable market share and creating positive word of mouth.