Video SEO

Internet Marketing is changing. Video is quickly becoming the most effective avenue for delivering your message.  Branding your business through video rather than content has a much higher rate of conversion and provides more avenues for exposure.   Filming to post production to delivering the final product, we're a one-stop shop for creating any online video project.

The object of video SEO is to drive your customer from an organic video thumbnail search result back to your website, not Youtube.

Google can't discover videos on your site, so beign able to give them a properly formatted sitemap becomes extremley important. Also titling your video in that sitemap based on searches rather than the actual title of the video is also very important.

From conception to completion, we produce videos for Internet, TV, and Mobile. We produce custom corporate videos of all types to elevate your business and increase your sales. Having the right video player streaming your videos is also a crucial aspect to creating a successful online video campaign.