Web Development

Web development and designing takes more than a keen eye. Being able to draw up a layout of a website that matches the service or product you offer to your consumer takes an enormous amount of research. With onsite SEO attributes playing so much importance in terms of driving traffic, we plan developing on a website that can be changed on a weekly basis based on your analytics reports. We do not use CMS based websites that require you to work within the parameters of a confined system unless it is ecommerce cart based. All of our websites are designed and developed from the ground up.

At the end of the day your website should be structured as an automatic conversion machine. If you can keep a web visitor engaged for more than 3 seconds, your next job is to get them to fill out a form, call or email their information to you. Your conversion rate should hover at 15%. What you are paying for each conversion is the total online marketing spend divided by the number of conversions you are receiving. The variable is the time it takes for positioning of your web pages into the search engines, as well as videos, news, and products. This total adjustment and building up period usually averages about 6-8 weeks based on the competitiveness of the industry being marketed, but traffic will be coming in as soon as  the first week.